Foot and toenail disorders affect over eighty percent of the population and are very common for seniors. Keeping your feet healthy increases comfort and functionality and can prevent limb-threatening complications.

Our nurses trim and file toe nails, work on fungal and ingrown nails and provide non-invasive treatment of corns and callouses. We also offer practical tips for self-care. If problem areas are identified, we will recommend podiatrists or physicians in the area for a thorough evaluation and follow-up treatment.  
People who benefit from this service include those with diabetes, arthritis, strokes, limited vision and difficulties caring for their feet.

Since 1981 we have been providing services at over 50 senior centers, retirement homes and assisted living facilities in the Pierce and South King County areas.  

We are currently taking appointments for existing and new clients at our office in Tacoma -
The Tacoma Mall Office Building
4301 South Pine Street, Suite #27
Tacoma, WA  98409 
Please call (253) 848-9625 for appointments

We also specialize in home visits for those that need care in their home.
Senior Footcare is a health care service provided by R.N.'s and L.P.N.'s for seniors, diabetics and others who are in need of care for their feet.