When Your Feet Feel Good, You Feel Good!

The proper cutting of toenails and keeping corns and callouses under control are of extreme importance as this really does make a difference in how the rest of the body feels.


Proper foot care and nail trimming helps to prevent infection and disease. Foot care is especially important for individuals with diabetes or poor circulation.

- Soaking your feet for 5-10 minutes
- Cleaning around cuticles and under nails
- Clipping and filing nails
- Working on fungal and ingrown nails
- Removing top layers from callouses or small corns   by       abrasion
- Padding pressure areas for comfort
- Applying lotion and light massage
- Referring to podiatrists or physicians as needed


$45.00 Per Person

$100.00 for Home Visits

Services are not covered by DSHS or Medicare.